7 things you can do to make your dog healthier

You love your dog. You care about them and want the best for them, right? We all do! But sometimes, it can be tough to know how to make our pets healthier. With so much information out there on what we should feed them, where they should sleep, or what they should wear- it can be hard to know where to start. In this blog post, I will give you seven ways that you can help make your pup live a happier life with fewer health issues! 

Feed your dog a high-quality diet

A lot of pet owners make the mistake of feeding their dogs low-quality kibble. This diet may be inexpensive and convenient, but you are missing out on making your dog’s life healthier! The first thing you should focus on is making sure that you are feeding your dogs a high-quality diet. This should include a diet that is high in animal protein, fat, and nutrients. Certain brands make this type of dog food, but it may be more expensive than you typically choose. However, if you focus on your dogs’ health, at least make sure the diet you provide them with is nutritionally balanced.

Brush and groom your dog regularly

Just like your hair or nails, a dog needs to be groomed. Good grooming habits make sure that you keep their fur healthy, which helps prevent them from getting matted fur and skin problems. It also makes sure that knots don’t form on the hair, making it difficult to move quickly without pain. You will want to make sure that you brush your dog regularly, ensuring they stay healthy and free from painful knots.

If you are interested in grooming, make sure that you make appointments with a professional groomer. While brushing your pet regularly is essential, make sure that you only brush out the top layer of fur to not cause any pain by pulling on their skin or hair too much. 

Exercise with your pup

Your dog needs exercise! Contrary to popular belief, dogs cannot get all of the activity they need from running around in a yard alone. Just like people, dogs may not be mentally stimulated enough if they are just left outside. If you make sure that your dog gets regular exercise or playtime with you and other people, they will be happier and healthier.

If you make sure that your dog gets regular exercise in a safe area, they will be less likely to develop arthritis problems or other joint pain during their life. If possible, make sure that you can walk them regularly at a park or nearby trail, which will make it easy for you and them!

7 things you can do to make your dog healthier


Clean your dog’s ears regularly

Dogs do not clean themselves as well as you think! They will not make sure that their ears are kept clean and healthy, which can cause problems for them. You may find your dog shaking their head a lot of scratching at the sides of their ear if they have an infection. This is problematic because infections in dogs can make it hard for them to hear and cause other health issues.

Be sure to clean your dog’s ears regularly, make sure that you have a healthy amount of earwax build-up in there, which will ensure that they don’t get irritated or infected during their life! If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, make an appointment with the vet, who can make sure your dog is healthy.

Keep them warm in the winter.

Dogs make pretty good off on their own but keeping them healthy outside isn’t easy! In the winter, make sure you make an effort to clothe them or provide extra heat inside to ensure they don’t get a chill from walking around outside. Make sure that they have a warm place to stay in the winter, make sure that they have enough dog beds or blankets to keep them comfortable.

If you make sure that your dog doesn’t get too cold, it will make their life better, and they feel more comfortable, ensuring an excellent quality of life!

provide fresh water at all times

Make sure that you make it easy for them to drink water all day long. You may want to make a water fountain from home or make sure that you leave a bowl of water in their cage at night.

Would you please make sure they are healthy? If your dog is getting older, make sure that you check up on them and make appointments with the vet. You make sure that your dog is getting the care they deserve; make sure you take them to the vet for regular checkups!

This will make it easier for your vet to notice any issues early on, making treatment much more superficial than if they are left untreated or make a severe problem in the future.

Take care of any health issues.

As soon as you notice them, so they don’t worsen! Make sure to make that appointment for your dog when he is sniffling or sneezing. Make sure that there isn’t a severe issue.

If you make sure that you are aware of what health issues can affect your pup and make it easy for them to get the treatment they need, make it much easier for them to make it through the rest of their life without any health problems.

These are just some of the top tips from the experts on making sure your dog stays healthy. Use these tips to make sure that you are doing the best you can for your pup in making them live a happy and healthy life!

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