15 foods to feed a sick dog with no appetite

Feeding a sick dog with no appetite can be difficult, but it is crucial not to let them get too hungry. A lack of nutrition and hydration may cause health problems and make their sickness worse. But a dog with an upset stomach or diarrhea should not be fed the same as a healthy one. You should avoid feeding them food high in fat and carbohydrates. Here are some tips on what to feed a sick dog that loses its appetite:

15 foods to feed a sick dog with no appetite

1.Dog Digestive Enzymes

You can buy these from your vet or online if you want to try and help your dog get better. They also have digestive enzymes that benefit joint health but do not use them if dogs have skin problems.

2. Chicken Broth 

Chicken broth is easy to digest and suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs. You can add the chicken broth to their dog food or feed them the broth by itself as a treat. It should help them regain an appetite for regular food later.

3. Wheat Germ 

As already explained, wheat germ is high in vitamins and minerals. It is also a good source of protein and healthy carbohydrates. Wheat germ is easy to digest, and it can help sick dogs gain weight if they are underweight or suffering from malnutrition. 

4. Cooked Ground Chicken  

Ground chicken may be easier for them to digest than other meats like beef or turkey, but you have to be sure that it is cooked well, or else your dog may develop food poisoning. You can add it to their regular food or serve it on its own with a little bit of chicken broth.

5. Cooked Eggs

 Eggs are also easy to digest and high in protein, but you have to cook them not to upset a sensitive stomach. You can cook scrambled eggs and serve them on their own or add them to their regular food. Dogs usually love eggs, so this will work very well if they need to get rid of an appetite.

6. Boiled Potato

Potatoes are rich in nutrients and easily digestible carbohydrates. They also contain fiber, which means that they help to ease constipation. If you want your dog to eat again, try this option as it is straightforward to make, and many dogs love them.

7. The Right Kinds Of Treats

 Stick with treats that are high in carbohydrates and low in fat. Please do not give them too many treats until they have regained their appetite for regular food again.

8. Porridge 

Porridge is very easy to digest, and it contains a lot of healthy carbohydrates, which will help your dog gain some energy if they are feeling weak from their illness or lack of nutrition. This can also be given to dogs with diarrhea as long as it is not on its own. You should always serve this with chicken broth or another type of soup.

9. Rice

It is essential to cook the rice well so that it does not cause any problems in your dog’s stomach, but you can serve it by itself or mix it into their regular food when they feel better. 

10. Banana And Peanut Butter

Many dogs love peanut butter, but make sure that you do not buy the high fat or sodium kind, which causes stomach problems. You can add a little bit into their regular food or give it to them on its own with half a banana.   

11. Canned Pumpkin  

The canned pumpkin should not be served on its own as it contains a lot of water, but you can mix it into their regular food or dog treats to give them some nutrients and fiber in their diet without upsetting their stomach further. It will also help with constipation which is common when they do not feel well.

12. Low-Fat Vegetables

Stick with low-fat vegetables like spinach, broccoli, celery, and cucumber. This will help provide them with vitamins, especially B vitamins, that support a healthy appetite and good digestion. It also has high fiber content, which will promote regularity and keep your dog’s digestive system working optimally.

13. The Right Kinds Of Dog Food

Many people assume that the best dog food for a sick dog is bland, but this is not always the case. Suppose your dog has a sensitive stomach or diarrhea. In that case, you should look at what ingredients are in their dog food and consider switching them to something like Wellness Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, and it contains a lot of natural, easily digestible ingredients.

Even if they are not sick, it is a good idea to switch to grain-free dog food for at least one meal per day, as this will give them some fiber and nutrients without upsetting their stomach.

14. Chicken And Rice

 Chicken and rice can be easier to digest than other types of meat like chicken or turkey, so you may want to serve this instead. It would help if you cooked it properly not to upset your dog’s stomach, and you may want to mix in a little bit of cooked pumpkin for added fiber.

15. Cooked Fish

 Fish like salmon, tuna, and herring are a good source of protein for dogs and omega-3 fatty acids, which improve their skin and coat. These can usually be served by themselves or with some rice for added fiber and nutrients.

Other Ways To Get Your Dog Eating Again

If your dog does not eat despite all of your attempts at getting them back on track, then consider trying some of these tips:

  • Try feeding your dog by hand. You can do this when you are about to sleep and the rest of the family is in bed. This will be a more relaxing environment for them, and they may be more willing to eat.
  • Make sure that your treats are crunchy. If they hear the sound of crinkling wrappers, it will entice them to eat a little bit during their next mealtime or snack time.  
  • Grind up their regular food into tiny pieces so that it is easier for them to digest. You should also add some water into their dish as this makes the food much tastier.
  • If there are other dogs in your household, try confining them to a separate room for about 10 minutes. Your sick dog will feel like the only one in your home, and they may feel more confident about eating by themselves.
  • You should also provide your dog with a clear view of their food so that they can see what you are feeding them. This means no covering up the bowl or putting it out of sight, and do not give any treats until they have eaten all of their regular meal first.
  • Make sure that there is freshwater nearby at all times. A dog can survive without food for longer than they can without water, so if you keep filling up their water dish, this will entice them to eat something as well!

What is the best way to feed my sick dog with no appetite?

Dogs need a lot of water, but you can mix it into their regular food or dog treats to give them some nutrients and fiber in their diet without upsetting their stomach further. It will also help with constipation which is common when they do not feel well.

What to feed a dying dog that won’t eat?

There is no easy answer to what to feed a dying dog that won’t eat. The only thing you can do is try as many of the above suggestions and treat options as possible, mixing them up with each meal time so that your dog does not become bored or fed up with the same food day after day.

How to force-feed a dog who won’t eat?

This is important for home remedies and medications that require your dog to swallow pills. You can either try placing the drug in some dry dog food or soften it up with a little bit of water and then put a small amount on your finger so they can lick it off. Ensure that you do not give them any treats until they have eaten all their food first; otherwise, this will encourage them not to eat.

How do you get an old dog to eat? 

Some foods are more accessible for your dog to digest. We have discussed what to feed a sick dog with no appetite above. You should also make sure that you provide your dog smaller and more frequent meals throughout the day rather than just one large plate at dinner time, as this will help with digestion.

What if my dog won’t eat anything? 

If your dog does not even take any medication or supplements in the form of pills, then you need to have a chat with your vet about intravenous feeding. This is only for very sick dogs who cannot even keep down enough water to stay alive, and it requires intensive monitoring, so make sure that this is necessary before doing anything!

What to feed a sick dog with diarrhea?

If your dog has diarrhea, then this can be so upsetting. It would be best if you got them something that will settle their stomach and make sure they are not dehydrated by constantly checking that they have access to lots of water at all times.

The best thing you can do is give them some bland foods such as cooked rice or boiled chicken. This is very easy to digest and will help with any stomach ache they may have.

What to give a sick dog for throwing up?

The same approach to food and treats applies here. After eating, sick dogs will often throw up their food or vomit, so you need to avoid bland or spicy foods, which can make the vomit even worse!

However, if your dog is vomiting bile, they need something to eat, which indicates a severe problem with their digestive system. We suggest some cooked chicken or rice as mentioned above, and they can even have a little bit of yogurt if this sounds appealing to you!

How long do dogs live without food?

A dog can survive for around three weeks without food. If you are not sure how long your dog has been without food, then seek out advice from a professional vet as soon as possible. They will be able to give you a much better idea if your dog needs urgent medical attention or just the care of your home remedies and dog food!

I hope this article has given you some ideas on how to help your dog if they won’t eat with no appetite and you’re not sure if it’s because of a rational or irrational belief.

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