How to make your dog feel safe and comfortable

Many people believe that dogs are harming themselves by chewing on furniture or other items in their homes. The truth is, your dog may be feeling stressed and anxious because they don’t feel safe in their environment. This blog post will teach you how to make your dog feel safe and comfortable at home so he won’t need to resort to destructive behaviors like chewing.

How to make your dog feel safe and comfortable

Take your dog with you when you go shopping.

If your dog comes with you when you shop for groceries or other items needed around the house, they will feel they are helping. This doesn’t mean just giving them a ride and letting them sit in the car while you have to run inside and finish shopping. Take your dog with you into every store that allows pets (which is pretty much any store these days).

If your dog is already comfortable wearing a collar, you may want to put his leash on and take him with you. This will help your dog feel safe because he knows the exact moment this experience ends. After all, the leash goes off, and he is taken home again.

As you walk through the store with your dog, he may be a little nervous, to begin with. Keep your eye out for anything that scares him and avoid it. Give him treats when he is calm. Try talking reassuringly to your dog and walking slowly and smoothly so he can easily keep up with you.

Always keep your dog on a leash outside.

If you take your dog with you on a leash when you go shopping, it’s essential always to keep your dog on a leash when you leave the store. Even if the area where you live is considered safe, there are many dangers just outside of the comfort of your home. There may be cars pulling out in front of you or people walking their dogs who are not leashed. Make sure you keep your dog close at all times to prevent him from running into the street and getting hurt.

Do ask your neighbors nicely if they wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on your dog while you run inside for a moment, but never leave your pet outside unattended.

Give your pup plenty of toys to chew on and play with

If you have an item your dog loves to chew on and play with, but it is not safe for them to do so (like power cords or expensive furniture), try buying extra copies of the toy and placing them around the house. This will give your dog an outlet for their chewing habits because they know there are other toys just like the one at home that they are allowed to play with. They will also get some exercise going back and forth between different toys, which is a great way to keep your dog from feeling lazy or bored in the middle of the day.

Give your pup plenty of love and attention.

It would help if you gave your dog as much affection and attention as possible. You may find that your dog has been resorting to destructive behaviors because it’s the only way he can get attention around the house. If you’ve got a hectic schedule, try going on a walk together in the morning before work or school. This will give your pup some exercise while teaching him to focus his energy on you rather than chewing your shoes.

Make sure that all the furniture in the house is pet-friendly

This includes any big-ticket items like couches, chairs, and tables. If you give your pup a cozy place to sleep or an out-of-the-way corner for him to chew on, he will be more comfortable in the house overall. If your dog is afraid to sleep in his bed at night, try putting the crate near a doorway so that he can be near you. This will help him adjust to sleeping in a new place while also making him comfortable and happy in the daytime when he wakes up by your side.

Feed him healthy food

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your dog’s health is to feed him healthy, well-balanced food. There are a lot of different brands and flavors out there that can be confusing. How do you know which one is best for your pup? To help you choose, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite brands of food that I recommend for your dog.

As always, check with your vet before making any changes in your pup’s diet to ensure it is the right decision for him. Suggestions are listed from least expensive (per pound) to most expensive.

Don’t leave water bowls out.

Don’t leave water bowls out because dogs will drink any time they want instead of only drinking when thirsty. It is recommended that you supply your dog with two meals a day but not provide more than that. Dogs should have access to fresh water at all times, and it’s best for them if there’s no bowl involved. That way, they can drink whenever they want, which prevents hydration emergencies. One of the best ways to do this is with dog water fountains. These let your pup drink whenever he wants and keep it flowing when you’re not home all day!

Last words

The goal of this article is to help you make your dog feel safe and comfortable. We’ve covered a lot here, so take note as it might not be applicable for every situation or canine personality type! Whether you’re taking them on an adventure with you like shopping, hiking, or just around the block; always keep them leashed up outside; give them plenty of toys to chew on and play with indoors; provide lots of love and attention when they come inside from playing out back in the yard these are some ways that can make any pup feel happy at home. If there’s anything else we haven’t addressed, please let us know below. 

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